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Software Development

Our core business is the development of enterprise-critical uses, so-called Enterprise Applications which correspond to the special demands of the customer. On this occasion, we use the most modern methods to achieve an optimum result for our customers in the shortest time. From the outset you are incorporated as a customer in the process of ...


Enterprise Applications

Enterprise uses easy or complicated processes help to grasp from the commercial cycle of the economy or the public area and to administer and to utilise the grasped data the following processes or uses. All areas of an enterprise can be covered in the ideal case by Modularität of the system. They have dan all in One - solution. Then by ...


About SDiMS

SDiMS is a abbreviation to software data managment solution. Company was founded in January 2006 by Ralf Noack. Since then, our company has participated in various projects in diverse areas of the economy and the public sector. To a large extent, these projects were implemented in-house. Our aim here is always to achieve an absolute ...